Town of New Haven

The town of New Haven found exstence in 1813 being formed  from the Townof Mexico according to Crisfield Johnson in his "History of Oswego County, NY" published in 1878.  This and other referrences can be found on a couple of very fine web sites dealing with the nitty gritty of the Town's formation.    Here we will be more centered on the area known as South New Haven, particullary the area on County route 51 between the Lilly Marsh Road and Sala Corners, sometmes known as the Jerrett Road.

Because this is the area where the Bracy families chose to settle,and that they are close relatives, most of my historic collection will involve this area.  A map of New Haven, circa 1867, shows a William H. Bracy living on the main road just east of the center of town.  So enjoy and if you have suggestions or  questions, use the link on the home page to send me an email.

                                     Town Map              Center of town

Lawrence Store

The Ulysses G. and Gladys Valentine Bracy Lawrence country general store where Mud Lake Road meets the Jerrett Road.  circa 1955.
You could get some gas, maybe a bag of mash for the chickens, oats for the horses, dresses for the ladies, overalls for the men along with a good hat and, of course, some basic groceries.  The pop was kept cool and the round oak kept you warm in the winter.

And all the news of the world could be had here.

Lawrence Store
Uncle Si

During the campaign in Europe, Si was disabled by
 "mustard gas".  His peach pit gas mask is a
reminder of what our boys endured during WWI.

Leta B

Lettie A. Bracy, daughter of Francis G. and Mary E. Cass Bracy.  Born 1868
Hazel Thompson

Hazel E. Thompson, daughter of Fred S. and Lulu C. Bracy Thompson

The photograper closed shop before 1912.  He  was actually located in New Haven.

Tressa Thompson

Tressa M. Thompson, daughter of Fred S. and Lulu C. Bracy Thompson

Leo B.Wright

Leo B. Wright, son of Albert and Lettie  A. Bracy Wright.  Born July 1888



PARIS.Statue de Gambella
There is no address  nor message on the reverse.

Morning Exer

How the recruites get started each day.

Erwin George Bracy entered the U. S. Army June 12, 1917.  He went from Oswego to Niagara Falls for indoctranation.
He sent the following postcards to his niece in Fulton.  The ones from France had to be reviewed by the censors and stamped before leaving the war zone.
He mustered out as a Corporal of Co. D, 108th US Army.


Spartanburg SC

Addressed to:  To Miss Ruth LePoine
109 W. Broadway, Fulton,N.Y.
Hello Ruth,
I received your card yesterday.  We expect to leave here in a fefw weeks but I dont;t think befre the first of December.  I am going to town this afternoon. Sat and Sun is our rest days.  From Uncle Si.

Oct 20, 1917

Troops on board

Addressed to:Miss Ruth LePointe  (Ae 12)
109 West Broadway
Dear Niece,
I am well and happy.  How is everyone in Fulton?  We had a parade in Spartan yesterday.  About 100 units.  Write.
Uncle Si.

Nov.25, 1918


Addressed to:  Miss Ruth LePo[nte
109 West Broadway,  Fulton, NY

Dear Ruth.
I am sending you a card of the place I am on leave at. Having sometime.  From Uncle Erwin

December 1, 1918

FranceDec 1
LeMont Saint Michael, Normandy, France

Miss Ruth LePointe
109 West Broadway,Fulton,N.Y. U.S.A.

Dear Niece,
I am having a good time.  I was at this place yesterday.  Some sight.  From Uncle Erwin

December 21, 1918

France Dec 21

Miss Ruth LePointe
109 West Broadway, Fulton, N.Y. U.S.A.

Dear Niece,
I am OK.  Wish I were going to be home for Christmas but it won't be long now  Uncle E.