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Town Map

Town of Scriba Map w/ Names circa 1867
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Ralph and Charles Barlow operated an automobile service station and feed store at the Corners for many years.  The buisness was finally closed about 1978 by Ella G. Barlow, Ralph's widow.
Location was just east of the Grange Hall on the State Road (Route 104). 

GAR 1912

Civil War veterans gather for their yearly picture. Corporal William Barlow served in the 110th Infantry from 8/8/1862 to 8/28/1865
GAR 1910

Veterans gather in front of the Grange Hall, a center of Town activity, for their yearly picture.

Cpl. William F. Barlow, second from left, was the son of John W. Barlow who came to Scriba around 1835 from Vermont. 

PDF Documents

Scriba, from History of Oswego County
 by Crisfield Johnson published in 1877

Scriba Stars & Stripes
Scriba Baptist Church June 1896

Scriba Stars and Stripes
Scriba Baptist Church May 1897

Cemetery sign
Older sign for the Scriba Hillside Cemetery on Klocks Corners Road.

Hillside Cemetery Map

Hillside Cemetery Interments
 up to about 2004


The go anywhere 1926 Nash.

Stone Ledger

Learn about commerce in those years gone by.

Scriba School No. 10
School Register for period 1875 - 1876

Register           Attendance         Visitors

        Register                                      Attendance                              Visitors

                                                                    FOR NOV'75 - MAR '76

                                                                    FOR MAY - SEPT '76

Teacher salaries for Eileen E. Gibson, Scriba School No. 10.

For the period Sept. 30 to Oct 29, 1915 - $56.00;  Oct. 29 to Nov. 24, 1915 -$41.19;  Nov. 24 to Dec. 22, 1915 - $56.00;  and Dec. 22, 1915 to Jan. 28, 1916 - $56.00.
M. Alice Gibbons received $8.40 for assisting with the Regents Jan. 17 - 19, 1916.

Saw Mill

One of many commercial ventures that has flourished in the Town of Scriba over the years.
Myron Home

This family home dates backinto the mid 1800's as its location is recorded on the Town map above.